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Are VPN's a lie?

Updated: Jun 10

All internet infrastructure is built by governments, whatever cables or fiber optic connecting between ISP's, satellites, etc, the governments own it all, nothing runs through them anonymously, they can trace any communication from any point on earth to any other point. They wouldn't let these relay machines communicate with their infrastructure if they didn't want them to. I think the government allows the dark web to exist for the same reasons they created and distributed crack in the 80's, so they can make keep track of who's distributing so they can later bust the big dealers, but finding other ways of busting them so they don't blow the legitimacy of the dark web. Try to threaten a billionaire through a VPN and watch how fast they show up at your door. VPN's are just the current gimmick, remember when they tried selling identity insurance? That's basically all it is. I don't know any of this for a fact, it's just my logical interpretation.

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