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Photographic Memory Foam Technology

I always cringe when people say they have photographic memory cause I usually doubt it, but I guess I'd say if I had any sort of super natural feature its probably my sound memory.

I can play back like really detailed songs in my head at any given moment although the volume is pretty faint. But it comes in handy when I'm at work and I'm spacing out, which happens very often, and then suddenly somebody tells me something important but I wasn't paying attention, I just try to piece together the sounds that just happened in the past ten seconds and can usually make some sense of it, and all within about three seconds I will react with a proper response.

I think most of my experiences doing mushrooms or acid have always been more auditory than visual. Like I would be listening to albums that I'm super familiar with and I will hear things that I never heard before. Or usually at the end of the trip after staying up all night and it is now morning, and I'm trying to go to bed but I can't sleep and the sounds in my head get loud enough they actually sound like they're real.

My favourite trip experience was one time I could actually control the sound in my head, I could make it sound like 8-bit Nintendo sounds, and I could play it like a keyboard, like I was pressing buttons, it wasn't just faint in my head like a memory, it was full volume BLIP BLIP BLIP!! It was real.

Because of that experience I developed a much better understanding of how sound and memory work in your brain, but you know, whatever, maybe I'll figure out a way to explain eventually. I pity people who don't take psychedelics serious, computers and technology are just the prototype to what our brains are capable of doing on their own after being enhanced with these chemicals. I mean I believe photographic memory is possible, it just always seems its dumb people seeking attention claiming to have it, I mean if you had photographic memory you should be able to execute long division in your brain, but you ain't.

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