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Eminem's daughter is a Juggalo

Updated: Sep 15

Everyone and their mom already knows Eminem and ICP had beef back in the day, and then it kinda just faded away. Although there wasn't really a decided winner, I think ICP easily won when they slapped Eminem with "Let me take off this white shirt so you can see my bird chest".

This needs to be said, ICP is 100 times better than Eminem. Seriously ICP is far better than what people give them credit for. More specifically I mean Violent J, Shaggy 2 Dope is a very legit rapper, but Violent J seems to be the mastermind to it all, and typically on ICP records Violent J does 80% of the rapping. I loved the Slim Shady LP, and the Marshall Mathers LP was alright, but everything after that has been mostly boring trash with maybe one or two decent songs here and their. ICP has been nonstop amazing and haven't gone a single year without putting out a disc literally since they started. These days they're putting out three albums a year or more, it's literally insane and most of it is fresh as fuck.

Here's a quick comparison. ICP pioneered comedy rap, and then Eminem copied them. ICP completely paved their own way to fame, Eminem had to stand on Dre's shoulders to get noticed. ICP hustled their way to an album deal, they paid to record their first demos, personally handing them out, built a fan base, played shows nonstop for years. Eminem basically just went to rap battles and stalked people at record labels. ICP was basically banned from radio and tv, had no mainstream support, kicked off of labels for being too hardcore, and had their album pulled from store shelves less one day after release, yet still managed to make millions. Eminem got famous simply for being edgier than backstreet boys and britney spears.

Eminem ran out of shit to talk about a long ass time ago, all he ever talks about is Kim, his daughter, mom, and the critics, what critics? It's like he never names anyone, it's just this vague plot device to talk about how mad he is at the critics. And that's literally it, album after album, his songs are basically 90% about those topics. ICP on the other hand are constantly switching it up, always got fresh rhymes and hilarious jokes, fat beats, sick amazing production, etc.

"Oh poor me I'm addicted to pills" like what a cop out, Eminem got rich and famous so easy and then disappears for years because of addiction. ICP has never disappeared, they have toured literally every year since they started, only stopping now this year because of old age health reasons, which even with that they're still gonna keep playing shows here and there, and they're still doing all their usual festivals. ICP puts on big ass festivals every year, and their shows are wild as fuck, don't knock on the faygo blasts until you've stood their and gotten sprayed with some, its amazing.

Eminem has only put out 10 albums in his career, and one or two of them is mostly just guest artists performing. ICP has put out an insane amount of music, 16 LP's, 21 EP's, 20 compilation albums containing mostly stuff that isn't on their LP's or EP's. And that's not including all their solo albums (Violent J has like 4 and Shaggy has 4), their 7 group albums with Dark Lotus/Kill Joy Club/etc, and the countless songs they've appeared on in other rapper's albums.

Talk about being meta, Eminem made a movie about himself. He ran out of creativity so quick that he made a movie about the 2 year period where he rap battled and then rapped on TRL, and then starred in it himself playing himself so everyone can see how great and diverse of an actor he is. Meanwhile, ICP has made 3 or 4 movies on their own that aren't about their hero under dog story becoming rappers.

While Eminem sat in his mansion feeling sorry for himself and getting addicted to pills, ICP actually wrestled in every major wrestling company, WWF, WCW and ECW. They even had their own wrestling company and have put out several DVDs. What the fuck is in that Faygo? ICP are nonstop, and they're not even close to done, they've already promised at least 6 more LPs which means there's probably gonna be at least 12 more EPs and 5 compilations and 4 more group albums, and those 3 of LPs are probably actually gonna be double albums, and there will probably be at least one or two side show LPs, so in total that will probably actually come out to eleven LPs still to come. I'm sure Eminem will put out one or two more sappy albums before finally retiring so he can focus on his bio pic.

Oh we haven't even talked about merch. All their awesome shirts and jerseys, comic books, toys, I don't even know what else. I'm surprised they don't have a video game, yet. They're just so much fun, have you ever stared at an ICP album? Those little booklets inside, everything they put out they give you so much amusement, they really give your moneys worth.

Durrr but how do magnet's work? Hurrrr. I hate when people immediately bring that up. IT WAS A JOKE, have you never heard an ICP song before? Everything they say is meant to be funny or interesting or sometimes just to express a feeling. And since when does anyone watch that garbage ass show SNL anyways? That was literally the most popular thing they've ever done, use ICP's own joke against them, wow so clever.

Ooh Eminem is such a bad boy, he does drugs and makes fun of celebrities. ICP was on the FBI's top 10 gang list. Yea what? That's what I thought bitch boy.

When it comes down to it they're both just better at different things. Eminem is better at being radio friendly club music, and ICP is just better for blasting in your car or listening in your headphones while reading comic books. ICP is like watching a horror film on acid while Eminem is like watching an episode of Jerry Springer you've already seen before.

So is Eminem's daughter a Juggalo? I don't know, probably. That was click bate, sorry. But I just wanted to set the record straight, Violent J is far better than Eminem.

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