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Doesn't matter if Michael Jackson did it

Firstly, I simply don't think Michael Jackson molested anyone. But more importantly, I don't think it matters. Literally every single day, there are dozens, if not hundreds of old rich Americans who travel to Malaysia or whatever weird ass 3rd world country so they can rent kids to mingle with, why is nobody talking about them? Why are camera crews not hanging out at airports to bombard those guys with a thousand questions?

I think the most disgusting thing about that entire Michael Jackson scandal was how much money the media wasted on it. Over the years they spent millions of dollars, possibly even billions, on working that story, printing it in magazines, talking about it in the news and talk shows and every lame ass TV show desperate for content. Imagine if instead of wasting all that money investigating whether Michael Jackson feathered his pinky finger on some kid's coin purse, and instead used all that money to help stop sex slavery around the world, yea that is still a fucking thing that exists, and the oil brigade heroes aren't doing shit about that.

Even if he did do it, why should the "victim" get millions of dollars? There are millions of people who deal with that shit, that money should go to helping third world starving children, not to pay off some suburban assholes who are obviously just exploiting their own kid for a large cash settlement. Much respect to Aaron Carter for calling out his parents for trying to pull that shit. Even if Michael Jackson did touch them, it's gross and all but it wasn't violent, there is always violent sex slavery happening every day even here in America, you get the fucking point.

The grossest and most perverted thing about all those allegations isn't what Michael Jackson possibly did, it's that you all would have watched it happen. If there was video recordings of Michael Jackson groping those kids, every moron in America would have been glued to the TV screen with a bowl of popcorn watching every second of it, you know it's true. It's no different than all the hypocrite perverts that religiously watch To Catch a Predator, I can honestly say I've never watched a single episode of that garbage. This could go off into a whole other rant but I'll just simply say this, STOP WORSHIPPING CELEBRITIES, live your own life, stop eating up all that horse shit, stop making these stupid TV networks relevant, turn it off.

I do have a slightly interesting theory however. I think it is very possible the allegations are a hoax, I think it's very possible that Michael Jackson was paid a huge amount of money by all the magazines and TV networks to go along with this bogus trial simply so they could sell magazine ads and TV commercials, etc. People are willing to do crazy things for insane amounts of money. CHANG CHANG!! Shit, I would %$^@^ **%^%$ a horse with my tongue and *@(#$*% &*))&^# it for a couple hours live on television for 50 grand.

I mean obviously society is completely fucked, and there's always going to be the majority of idiots who buy into that kind of bullshit, and there's always gonna be those savage media tards who will sell you it. But for god sakes, not a single fucking television network went even 2 minutes without bringing up the molestation allegations when Michael Jackson died, they took every opportunity to remind you about it as they announced his death. FOX, NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, all you opportunist assholes talked about the unproven allegations while announcing his death, you fucking garbage ass retards should get off the air and kill yourselves.

I actually wrote this rant years ago and never posted it, I was saving it, thinking one day when I gained enough popularity as a standup comedian, and perhaps I was on TV doing a comedy special, I would drop this rant like a hot iron middle finger fuck you to all those TV networks. But at this stage in my life I'm just not hyped on standup comedy, for a lot of reasons that need it's own post, perhaps it will be my next post. Thanks for reading, like, subscribe, Cher.

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