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HORSE the band

System of a Down


Marilyn Manson

Mars Volta

Mind blown?


Tupac and Marilyn Manson are opposite forms of Jesus Christ.

Tupac is the Ghetto Jesus.

Marilyn Manson is the Anti-Christ.


Tupac's last record while he was alive, "All Eyez On Me" prophesized his death and return. This record was released February 13 1996.

Marilyn Manson's record "Anti Christ Super Star" came out October 8 1996.

November 5 1996, Tupac releases his first posthumous record "The 7 Day Theory", the album cover has Tupac nailed to a cross like Jesus Christ.

Is it a coincidence all this happened in 1996?

U.R.K.L.E. thinks there is something more going on here.

Read both the Tupac and Marilyn Manson files above to learn more about this.

Deja Vu?


Black Flag's logo is 4 vertical bars.

Dillinger Escape Plan's logo is 4 horizontal bars.

Both bands are the god-fathers their genres, in their own generations.

Both bands had singers quit and then replaced by better singers who became far more important to their overall history.

And both those singers are very muscular.

Is DEP some kind of topsy-turvy re-imagined version of Black Flag? Or is this all just coincidence?

U.R.K.L.E. will investigate more into this later.

Copy Cats?


David Bowie's song "Space Oddity" was released in 1969.

Elton John's song "Rocket Man" was released in 1972.

Rocket Man was a TOTAL RIPOFF of Space Oddity.

Bowie is a God.

Is John a Fraud?

There are a couple really good Elton songs

but for the most part his songs are pretty weak

and seem like he's trying too

hard to be David Bowie.


Survivor's "Eye of the Tiger" was released in 1982.

Dio's "Holy Diver" was released in 1983 exactly 1 year later.

If you listen to them back to back

you can hear how "Holy Diver" completely rips off "Eye of the Tiger",

Even the lyrics are very similar.

Shame Dio, shame.


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