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In Search of the Ghost

cracking the puzzle of

HORSE the band

Time Is BrokenHTB
00:00 / 07:22

I believe all of HORSE The Band's music is one gigantic puzzle leading

to the Ghost EP.

The theories I present here are an ever evolving work in progress.

I will not stop until I find the Ghost EP. I believe HORSE the band is the greatest band of all time and I will say it to my grave.

I debated if I should share these theories. I don't want to ruin the surprise or experience for other fans, I believe each fan should take the time to think long and hard about what is happening in this amazing music and the life choices you have made.

In case I die, perhaps this will help others find it. This is much better to read on a computer than on a phone. I tried really hard to fit this all into a screen.

If you have any theories or clues you would like to share, email me at

A Reason To JiveHTB
00:00 / 03:58

I was tricked into paying the General 150 dollars for him to whistle into a microphone for a minute, it was funny, I deserved it. But at the least I turned that audio into this wicked awesome stillbirth day card jingle. If you ever see him get pegged with an egg on stage, that was me.

La búsqueda continúa ...

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