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The over-arching concept of these two albums is basically about how the powers that govern society uses Hollywood/media to hypnotize people into fighting their wars.

Here's a quick explanation of every song in order.



Soldier Side - The intro track on Mezmerize is also the ending track on Hypnotize, it's a never ending cycle. This lonely soldier has been tricked into invading another society.

B.Y.O.B. - This is sort of like the initial attack of this new war, invading to take riches. It's sort of from the perspective of the soldiers asking why are we doing this?

Revenga - This is from the perspective of the people behind the curtains, the masters plotting all this.

Cigaro - Is about the leaders of the opposing countries not concerned with the well being of their people, but instead more concerned with their own ego trips.

Radio/Video - Is about the masses of people being calmed by music and television, and sucked into it's memorization.

This Cocaine Makes Me Feel Like I’m On This Song - This song is about the news putting fear into you. First they hook you with the entertainment, then they pump the brain wash into you.

Violent Pornography - This tops off the entertainment/news cycle, now more crazy shit on your television to distract and confuse you.

"It's on the TV (Fuck!) Turn off your TV. Can you say Brainwashing?"

Question - This song is the soldier worried they might die and wondering when they're going to be sent.

Sad Statue - This is the soldier having an internal debate about going to war, there's a side that completely disagrees with doing this and there are those who will turn off human sympathy for their own greed.

Old School Hollywood - The media is trying extra hard to convince potential soldiers, showing how glamorous and privileged the heroes will be treated.

Lost in Hollywood - This is from the perspective of an ordinary person against the war telling the soldier not to go. "Hollywood" is the military.


Attack - This is the parallel to B.Y.O.B.

The war continues...

Dreaming - This is the parallel to Revenga/Cigaro.

This is the aftermath, it shows the power that the government has over it's own society now, surveillance and continued brainwashing.

Kill Rock ‘n Roll - It's the parallel to the song Radio/Video. It's like saying stop listening to the brainwashing, turn it off.

Hypnotize - It's the parallel to the song "This Cocaine Makes Me Feel Like I’m On This Song".

It's saying the news is making the protesters of war look like hooligans, and all the mesmerized people are buying it.

Stealing Society - This is the parallel to Violent Pornography, the media is glamorizing drugs, and trying to cause the divorce rate to go up so the kids will grow up pour and confused and easy to manipulate into joining wars.

Tentative - This is the parallel to Question.

The soldiers are realizing this war was not intended to ever end.

U-Fig - This is the parallel to Sad Statue. Basically the protesters are telling soldiers to take psychedelics to melt their egos and stop fighting wars.

Holy Mountains - Its the parallel to Old School Hollywood.

Instead of glamorizing the war like in Old School Hollywood, this song is showing you the real aftermath, all the people who died, using the genocide of Armenia as the example.

Vicinity of Obscenity - Its the parallel to Lost In Hollywood. After all the people are seeing this horrendous genocide of the last song, Hollywood now has to make the deal of joining the war even sweeter and will keep raising the benefits.

She’s Like Heroin - Its a continuation of the last song. Not only is Hollywood making the promised benefits sweeter, but the drugs are more hypnotic, with promises of sex. This is like the point where the military is setting into the lands they invaded and plan to be there for years to come.

Lonely Day/ Soldier Side - Some survived, some are dead. Those who survived are wondering if they're going to hell now.

And the cycle repeats.

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