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Writer of the Jason Bourne series murdered by Hollywood?


I was reading the wikipedia on the Jason Bourne series and noticed something very interesting...

The writer of the original three books in the series, Robert Ludlum, supposedly died of a heart attack on March 12, 2001.

He was in the middle of recovering from severe burns from a "mysterious fire" that occurred on February 2, 2001.

The first movie "The Bourne Identity" hit theaters on June 6, 2002.

Robert Ludlum never got to see the film based on his novels.

Is there more to the story? I don't know, maybe.

I just think the timing of his death is super suspicious...

Mind blown?


Chris Farley's death was not an accident.

Farley stated many times how John Belushi was a huge influence and inspiration on him.

You can see it in his comedy and performances how he emulated John Belushi.

He pretty much lived like Belushi.

He even did the same drugs as Belushi.

And then he died exactly like Belushi, over dosing on a "speed ball".

The only difference is Belushi's speed ball consisted of Cocaine and Heroin, Farley's speed ball consisted of Cocaine and Morphine.

Am I seriously the only person who has noticed this?


Jesus Christ's 2nd coming

as Dopplegangers?


Tupac and Marilyn Manson are opposite forms of Jesus Christ.

Tupac is the Ghetto Jesus.

Marilyn Manson is the Anti-Christ.


Tupac's last record while he was alive, "All Eyez On Me" prophesized his death and return. This record was released February 13 1996.

Marilyn Manson's record "Anti Christ Super Star" came out October 8 1996.

November 5 1996, Tupac releases his first posthumous record "The 7 Day Theory", the album cover has Tupac nailed to a cross like Jesus Christ.

Is it a coincidence all this happened in 1996?

U.R.K.L.E. thinks there is something more going on here.

Read both the Tupac and Marilyn Manson files above to learn more about this.

Deja Vu?


Black Flag's logo is 4 vertical bars.

Dillinger Escape Plan's logo is 4 horizontal bars.

Both bands are the god-fathers their genres, in their own generations.

Both bands had singers quit and then replaced by better singers who became far more important to their overall history.

And both those singers are very muscular.

Is DEP some kind of topsy-turvy re-imagined version of Black Flag? Or is this all just coincidence?

U.R.K.L.E. will investigate more into this later.

Copy Cat?


David Bowie's song "Space Oddity" was released in 1969.

Elton John's song "Rocket Man" was released in 1972.

Rocket Man was obviously a TOTAL RIPOFF of Space Oddity.

Bowie is a God.

John a Fraud.

There are a couple really good Elton songs

but for the most part his songs are pretty weak

and seem like he's trying too

hard to be David Bowie.



Survivor's "Eye of the Tiger" was released in 1982.

Dio's "Holy Diver" was released in 1983 exactly 1 year later.

If you listen to them back to back

you can hear how "Holy Diver" completely rips off "Eye of the Tiger",

Same rhythms and the lyrics are super similar.

I used to love that song but now I can't bare to listen to it.

Shame Dio, shame,

Roseanne's cancellation was staged


21 years after the show Roseanne ended they brought it back for it's 10th season.

The final episode of the 10th season aired May 22, 2018.

Exactly one week later Roseanne Barr posted a vaguely slightly racist comment on social media about Valerie Jarrett.

Absolutely no one in real life gave a shit about the comment but the media blew it up to be the biggest scandal of the year.

Roseanne's TV show was then cancelled.

The entire rest of the cast continued the show without her and renamed it The Conners.

The Conners picks up right where Roseanne left off.

In the first episode the family is mourning the death of Roseanne, explaining that she died by drug overdose.

If you re-watch Roseanne season 10 all the clues were there, Roseanne's character had drug problems throughout the entire season, and then the final episode left off on a cliff hanger that she might die.

It is very obvious this was all planned out. This rich successful old actor didn't want to keep doing the show, she just wanted to do one final season to pass the torch on to the other actors and say peace out.

Rebooting a classic hit show isn't enough, ABC needed to generate as much hype as possible with a bogus social media scandal. I guess it worked?

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